Coming from only the purest and finest of bloodlines, we breed and train our dogs to be the outstanding companions that they are. With careful attention paid to the heritage of our dogs, we ensure the finest qualities are bred into our lineage. Then, rigorous training starts as soon as our puppies are born, ingraining in them the love of the a family.

We pride ourselves on having puppies that come from he best of parents and are well socialized. 

Raising loving
family pets.

Quality Miniature American Shepherds ,
Toy ‚ÄčAustralian Shepherds and  Pembroke Welsh Corgi

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Where to find us

Rodeo N Pups

14108 E 223rd St

Peculiar, MO 64078

(816) 388-9434

Just outside of Kansas City, Missouri, we raise outstanding examples of the breed. Our dogs are healthy & very happy! We have had over 30 years experience with the breed and have traveled many a rodeo miles with an Aussie in our truck. We offer you show-breeding, working and/or companion quality puppies that have been raised in our home as members of the family. We offer all colors, a guarantee of a healthy, quality puppy, and a commitment to the Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherd breed.